Hi everyone!

I just stumbled upon your forum. I'm new to crypto and hope to meet some crypto friends here. Just moved to Montana, it is so beautiful here!


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    Welcome to the forum Debra. Hope you enjoy your stay! Yes, Montana IS beautiful, I hope to get out West sometime soon.

  • hi everyone
    I 'm hoping that I gain more knowledge upon joining this forum... thank you

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    Hello Bossgams01, I'm new too! Hope to learn this stuff so I can buy my first Lambo soon! B) Hello Debra and everyone else in the forum. Will look around now.

  • Welcome bossgams and geekcoin! The forum looks new, but I am seeing more people here it looks like. I guess all new forums take a little while to build up steam. I like the look of this forum though compared to some of the others, this forum looks modern and easy to read. Well, see you around, going to check out some of the comments here in the forum.

  • Hey, whats up @Debra, @geekcoin, @bossgams01

    Lets make some cryptocoin!

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