Grabbing 2 more Bitcoin

Saw your forum advertisement on CL. Hope you get more people here. Anyway, nows the time to grab bitcoin everyone. Don't think its going any lower then it is now. I picked up 2 more. Think I'm set now for life!


  • Good for you coindude! They're on "sale" right now!

  • Wow. I will do the same some day. I need to start out small with sub penny crypto. Once I start making it big with penny cryptocurrency, then I'm ready for the big dog!

  • Me too, hoping that I will have some of it in the near future but needs more bucks for buying.

  • Hey welcome @bossgams01

    I think they have a nice forum here and I know I am telling some of my crypto friends to join me here. I bought Cardano when it dropped to .13 cents, hope I did the right thing! LOL

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